Primary services

 Advisory, representation and legal support services:

 a. Real Estate and Constructions:
 Building acquisitions: residential buildings, offices, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, terrains etc., both from  individuals and legal persons, and also acquisitions of companies for their assets.
- Verifying ownership, history and previous ownership transfer deeds, tax roll, company history, compliance with the cadastral documents and land registers.
- Drafting Due Diligence Report with recommendations concerning the opportunity of acquisition and its modality. Support in creating efficient acquisition strategies with minimized risk.
- Drafting preliminary sale-purchase agreement, with special previous modalities and conditions – in case the building is valuable with regard to its location, characteristics, return of investment, price, but it is necessary to take certain precautions before acquisition;
- Securing the down-payment under escrow agreements and the modality (mechanism) of releasing such down-payment upon fulfilling the pre-contractual conditions.
- Complete drafting of the sale-purchase agreement, assistance and representation upon signing before the notary public.
- Negotiating, drafting/reviewing mortgage and financing agreements.

 Ownership management:

- Drafting/reviewing lease agreements in draft form.
- Assisting to the negotiation of the agreements to be concluded with architects, contractors and subcontractors.
- Assisting and representing for the purpose of obtaining the necessary permits and authorization both prior and subsequent to the initiation of the construction.
- Supervising the construction as per working phases.
- Managing the building.

 b. Corporate and commercial:
1. Establishing/modifying trading companies in any form provided by the law: limited liability companies, joint stock companies, limited partnerships and groups of interests.
2. Establishing non-governmental and non-profit organizations: associations and foundations.
3. Drafting understandings and commercial partnerships between associates, shareholders and/or investors.
4. Drafting joint venture associating structures, including for capitals.
5. Drafting and negotiating active sale-purchase agreements or conditioned share assignment agreements.
6. Full or partial company acquisitions, mergers.
7. Representing in international transactions of goods, service, asset, building and other acquisitions.
8. Drafting/reviewing/structuring any type of commercial agreement, with or without guarantees.
9. Drafting/reviewing/structuring consultancy and intermediation agreements.
10. Supporting and representing the clients in commercial matters in order to avoid the disputes and to amicably solve them.
11. Due Diligence analyses and reports in case of acquisitions and mergers.

 c. Intellectual ownership:
1. Registering/modifying trademarks, patents, industrial templates and drawings.
2. Copyright – securing and use of protected rights.
3. Know-how and franchises.
4. Counterfeiting, piracy and protection against unfair competition.
5. Representing at the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks.

 d. Disputes:
1. Drafting applications, statements of defense, meeting minutes, written notes and conclusions;
2. Representing and providing legal support before any court from Romania.
3. Commercial disputes, debt collection, insolvency and bankruptcy (for creditor or debtor).


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